Annual Family Medicine
Refresher Course

Thursday Documents:

Pediatrics Update Dr. Richard Cantor
Insomnia Dr. Matthew Siegenthaler
KSA Workshop: Depression Dr. Michael Kernan
MAT Waiver Training Dr. Ross Sullivan
Afternoon Session #1: Ultrasound in Primary Care Dr. John Finkenstadt & Dr. Kenneth Iles
Afternoon Session #2: Urgent Care Cases Dr. Wayne Chou
Afternoon Session #3: OB for the Non-OB Provider Dr. Braden Coleman

Friday Documents:

Shoulder Arthritis & Fracture Dr. Nathan Everding
Dermatology: Vasculitis Dr. Joyce Farah
Insulin Resistance Dr. Beth Anne Piper
Afternoon Session #4: SUNY FM Clerkship Topic Part 1 and Part 2 Dr. Thomas LaClair
Afternoon Session #5: EKG Cases Dr. Dennis Ehrich
Afternoon Session #6: Nexplanon Dr. Stephen Hoag
Afternoon Session #7: Are We Talking About Sex? Sexual Health and Sexual Dysfunction Dr. Melissa Arthur & Dr. Elizabeth McNany

Saturday Documents:

Vaginitis Updates Dr. Sandra Sulik
Medical Cannabis Dr. Eric Tallarico
Diabetic Wounds Dr. DeAnn Cummings