Family Medicine Residency

St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency is the largest family medicine residency program in the Northeast. It is an unopposed family medicine residency program, which allows for hands-on experience and expedited personal and professional growth.


St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency seeks to blend the primary care orientation of a community hospital with the academic and educational resources of a major medical university. Our goal is to produce strong clinicians who are capable of delivering high-quality primary care in any setting — from rural to suburban to inner-city practice locations. Residents experience an excellent balance of ambulatory and inpatient medicine, didactic and clinical experiences, and medical and biopsychosocial patient care. Strong emphasis is placed on population health and supported by a diverse community of patients.

St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency is the largest family medicine residency program in the Northeast. It is an unopposed family medicine residency program, which allows for hands-on experience and expedited personal and professional growth.

Extensive Procedural Training
Joint injections
Casting and splinting
Endometrial biopsy
Minor skin surgery

Flexibility of a Large Program
Resident input in scheduling, sequencing rotations and vacations
Four weeks of vacation permitted each year with weekends free on both sides of the vacation week
Experience in couples match
Established maternity and paternity policies
Away electives permitted and available per ABFP guidelines
Responsiveness to residents’ personal needs

I chose the St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency for its array of unopposed experiences.  You do not have to fight the OB residents for deliveries or the emergency medicine residents for codes, procedures or acute care experience. After three years of residency, you are a confident physician. The learning environment at St. Joseph’s is positive and constructive. Attendings are invested in the development of their resident both professionally and personally. It is a testament to the program that many of the faculty was trained at St. Joseph’s and stayed there to practice.

— Vanessa Lalley-Demong, D.O., Class of 2013

2021-2022 Salary

PGY 1 $56,263.00
PGY 2 $60,498.00
PGY 3 $63,310.00

View our 2021-2022 Contract Draft for more information.


St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency offers competitive benefits for its residents.

  • Four weeks annual paid vacation per year — one-week blocks, Monday-Friday, with weekends on both sides
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Residents are covered by the hospital’s professional liability insurance while performing duties within the scope of their medical education.
  • Comprehensive insurance package with three medical plan options, two dental plan options and two vision plan options. You’ll also enjoy a lower deductible, copay and coinsurance when you use St. Joseph’s or Trinity Health facilities and aligned providers. Plus, you will be eligible for basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provided by Trinity Health and voluntary (colleague paid) options for supplemental life, supplemental AD&D and dependent life.
  • Relocation allowance: PGY1 Residents who have matched and are beginning Residency at St. Joseph’s on July 1 are eligible for $500 in moving expenses. The resident must be relocating to the Syracuse area and must provide valid receipts.  The moving expenses are a taxable expense.
  • CME stipend to cover expenses such as conferences, study materials, etc.
  • Access to the SUNY Upstate gym and fitness center
  • Professional Membership: AAFP Membership is provided for all Family Medicine residents


First Year

Your first year of residency emphasizes the inpatient experience with a wide variety of exposure, from obstetrics to pediatrics, surgery, anesthesia and more. House calls average every one in four nights. Interns spend one to two half days per week, regardless of rotation, seeing their continuity patients in the Family Medicine Center.

Obstetrics (X2) Surgery Elective (X2)
Family Medicine Inpatient Medicine Night Float Medicine Inpatient
Family Medicine Outpatient Gynecology Pediatric Inpatient
Pediatric Outpatient Nursery

Second Year

As you move into your second year as a resident you’ll take on more clinical responsibilities and continue to enhance your decision-making skills. Residents participate in four months of inpatient medicine. During this unique experience, you serve as the primary physician for your patients. You’ll have the opportunity to manage your own inpatient service under the supervision of an attending physician. In addition, you’ll spend another two to three half days per week in the Family Medicine Center.

Inpatient Medicine (X4) Obstetrics Ambulatory Pediatric
Pediatric Emergency Room Behavioral Science Emergency Room
ENT Elective (X2)

Third Year

During your third year as a resident, you will have a significant role in teaching and supervising junior residents. You are directly responsibility for leading the Medicine Teaching Service and Family Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service. Office efficiency and management are also priorities. Office time increases to four half days per week; however, call is limited. During your third-year, all residents attend weekly conferences to hone job-hunting skills and prepare to transition to life after residency.

Medicine Teaching Service Medicine Night Float Family Medicine Inpatient
Teaching Service Community Medicine Geriatrics
Dermatology Elective (x4) Orthopedics


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At St. Joseph’s Health Hospital, we offer five different educational tracks. These tracks allow residents to hone their skills in a number of different environments, ranging from Global Health to Obstetrics, preparing them to pursue careers in specific areas of medicine.

The mentorship of experienced professionals coupled with hands-on patient care and additional elective coursework allows residents to gain the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in their respective fields.

Global Health Track/International Medicine Rotation

Utilizing a community of professionals devoted to global health, our outstanding maternal and child health curriculum, and affiliations with Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University, St. Joseph’s offers a progressive, multidisciplinary approach to training global health physicians. We provide advanced education in obstetrics, infectious and tropical diseases, public health promotion and global health policy.
Three core principles: solid clinical training, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, community and international outreach
Two months working in a rural hospital with a family doctor and general surgeon
One month working with a local-based international travel clinic. Up to three months of elective time working in a developing nations such as Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Guatemala, Nepal or China
A research project in international health performed in conjunction with Syracuse University

Sports Medicine Track

Athletic Team Coverage: Work directly with faculty members at Syracuse University, the Syracuse Chiefs Triple-A baseball team and local high schools.
Curriculum: Learn injury care such as bracing, orthopedic injections, pulmonary function tests and casting of orthopedic injuries. Residents will also become familiar with illness and medical conditions related to sports.Fellowship opportunities: Residents interested in sports medicine fellowship training will be supported and mentored in achieving that goal. Recent graduates have obtained fellowship training at several excellent programs, including University of Nevada, University of Hawaii, University of Connecticut, Moses Cone Health System and the Ohio State University.

Hospitalist Track

The Hospitalist Track lays the foundation to create an outstanding hospitalist, it also challenges participants to take leadership in projects that improve quality, patient safety, patient experience, high-value care and hospital efficiency. The experience includes:
Three months of inpatient medicine in the first year, four months in the second year and three months in the third year
Additional electives in palliative care, ICU medicine and various internal medicine specialties
Specific seminars for residents in the Hospitalist Track with discussion topics relevant to a practicing hospitalist

Obstetrics/Women’s Health Track Obstetrics

Women’s Health Track
Residents interested in learning or enhancing their women’s health skills may complete the Women’s Health Track. Curriculum and coursework include:

A selection of additional electives:

  • Colposcopy experience: Become proficient in colposcopy, culminating in readiness to take the colposcopy exam and become certified
  • Experience with an attending physician, Stephen Hoag, MD and the residency faculty working in office with GYN-consult patients to further enhance skills in women’s health issues
  • Proficiency in performing LEEP independently
  • A longitudinal LEEP experience can be pursued by interested residents and includes one-on-one training in LEEP with multiple sessions scheduled for hands-on practice with patients
  • Opportunities for teaching GYN skills and lectures, as well as opportunities for writing during the year
    Flexibility to pursue individual interests

Master of Public Health Track

Residents interested in obtaining a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree may begin this pursuit while still in residency training. The MPH Graduate Degree Program, co-sponsored by SUNY Upstate Medical University and the Maxwell School of Citizenship of Syracuse University, will work to:

  • Develop an individualized, coordinated curriculum in which the resident can use residency elective time to pursue course credit towards the MPH
  • Enable most residents to obtain the MPH degree with only an additional 12 months of coursework upon completion of their residency
  • For in-depth, additional information about the Central New York Master of Public Health Program, please refer to


In addition to the benefits of being in a community hospital, St. Joseph’s residents and faculty are also affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. This relationship allows ample opportunity to serve as clinical faculty for second-, third-, and fourth-year medical students, as well as participate in active research.

Acting Internship in Family Medicine

This elective is open to all fourth-year medical students, from SUNY Upstate, Ross University, St. George’s University and other medical schools. The goal is to experience what Family Medicine Residency is all about by participating as a team member of the Family Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service. The acting intern functions as a PGY1.

Practice of Medicine

This is the first- and second-year medical student course at SUNY Upstate that provides the foundation for history taking, physical exam and differential diagnosis skills. Third-year family medicine residents have the opportunity to hone their teaching ability by working with faculty to instruct medical students in this setting.

Family Medicine Student Organization (FMSO)

Faculty serve as advisors to the FMSO at SUNY Upstate, and family medicine residents organize and run medical student workshops (e.g., casting clinic, joint injection clinic, GYN procedures clinic).

International Rotations for Medical School

Effective July 2009, we implemented Global Health Tracks, which provides international rotation opportunities for medical students.


More than 4,000 families in Syracuse and surrounding communities receive their health care — pediatrics to geriatrics and much of what comes between — from the residents at the Family Medicine Center. Through the Family Medicine Center experience, our program is committed to the dual mission of providing patients with professional, high-quality care and as well as our house staff with an exceptional learning experience. Each resident is assigned a panel of patients to follow throughout the three years, providing continuity of care to these individuals and families.

The Family Medicine Center is located on the St. Joseph’s Health Hospital campus — a convenient location for residents. It is an elite Level 3 NCQA patient-centered medical home that emphasizes care coordination and communication to transform primary care into a patient-centered experience.

At St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Center, a large emphasis is placed on the importance of population health. With a geographically diverse, refugee-rich community, residents are exposed to a number of different health outcomes, as well as a calculated approach to care that aims to address and influence these outcomes from a biopsychosocial perspective.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The FMC has multiple different disciplines providing patient care and resident education
Full-time social worker to help with non-medical needs
Full-time faculty member who provides both education and behavioral health services
Two additional therapists and counseling staff
Full-time Pharmacists available for medication reviews and consultations for residents

Osteopathic Medicine

The OMT Clinic allows osteopathic physicians to build on their training from medical school, and exposes allopathically trained (MD) physicians to this type of treatment
Two Osteopathic physicians on faculty
The OMT clinic is conveniently located within the Family Medicine Center


The Family Medicine Center is constantly streamlining its care through the use and implementation of technology.
EMR: St. Joseph’s Health uses EPIC Electronic Medical Records to streamline care, reduce errors and better communicate patient information between ambulatory and inpatient facilities.


The St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency program offers a diverse and well-trained faculty. All faculty members hold academic appointments in the Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. In addition, all members have private practices, 10 of which practice obstetrics.

Because each member of the family medicine residency has an area of expertise, the family medicine residency is able to create a robust training environment for its residents. Adjunct faculty members from both the community and Upstate Medical University further strengthen that environment by lending their time and experience to precepting residents in the Family Medicine Center.  

All faculty members are board certified in family medicine, and many serve on hospital committees and/or participate in state and national family medicine professional associations.

James B. Tucker, M.D.

Residency Director
Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Residency: Wright-Patterson Air Force Hospital
Special Interests: Sports medicine

Matthew Picone, M.D.

Transitional Year Program Director
Medical School:
 New York Medical College
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Graduate medical education, medical student clinical skills development

Melissa Arthur, Ph.D., LMFT

Director of Behavioral Science
Graduate Education: Syracuse University, Ph.D., M.S.W and M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy
Special Interests: Integration of biopsychosocial model

Dawn Brink-Cymerman, M.D.
Associate Program Director
Medical School: Ross University
 St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Rural medicine, developmental pediatrics
DeAnn Cummings, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Hospitalist medicine, patient education

Gerry Edwards, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Integrative medicine, preventive medicine, orthopedics, patient education, information technology in health care

Mary Geiss, D.O.

Medical School:Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency:St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: OMM, Integrative Medicine, Women’s Health

Stephen Hoag, M.D.

Associate Program Director
Medical School: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Residency: Naval Hospital Jacksonville
Special Interests: Full scope, office procedures

Lynne Humphrey, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical Center
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Full scope, adolescent medicine, preventive medicine

Michael Kernan, M.D.

Associate Residency Director
Medical School: Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain)
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health  Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Sports medicine, adolescent medicine

Brian Kline, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Resident education, inpatient medicine

Chris LaBounty, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: University of Rochester
Special Interests: Teaching internal medicine

Vanessa Lalley-Demong, D.O.

Medical School: Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health  Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Osteopathic manipulation and sports medicine

Gerald McMahon, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: University of Michigan Hospitals (Ann Arbor, MI)
Special Interests: Hospitalist medicine

Kristen McNamara, M.D.

Medical School: Albany Medical College
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Women’s health, adolescent medicine

Elizabeth McNany, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Full scope, residency education

John O’Brien, M.D.

Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Preventive medicine and adolescent medicine

Ryan Planer, M.D.

Medical School: Drexel University
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Full scope, office procedures, healthcare administration

Bobby Pohar, M.D.

Medical School: Government Medical College, India
Residency: St. Elizabeth Medical Center (Youngstown, Ohio)
Special Interests: Care of the adult patient, reducing medical errors, communication skills

Sandra Sulik, M.D.

Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine
Residency: St. Joseph’s Health  Hospital Family Medicine Residency
Special Interests: Obstetrics and women’s health

Mary Studdiford, M.S.W., M.P.A.

Social Work Coordinator
Graduate Education:
 Syracuse University, MSW and MPA
Special Interests: Child abuse, (child abuse coordinator for St. Joseph’s Hospital), family violence