Madison Healey, MD

Hometown: Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine
Area of interest/future practice plans: Undecided, but I like the idea of being a hospitalist and also working in outpatient medicine. I also have an interest in sports medicine!

Why did you choose St. Joseph’s?
I did an AI here during my fourth year and was blown away not only by the capabilities of the third-year residents, but also by how well the residents got along with each other and the faculty. I did several audition rotations and felt that the residents at St. Joe’s were significantly more prepared than those at other institutions. I was really impressed at the inpatient focus of the program and also the opportunities for sports medicine. Above all I was impressed with the program director, Dr. Tucker, whom I felt was very supportive and really saw the potential within me.

What has been your favorite rotation?
OB really surprised me as being a great rotation. When starting out I thought I would not like it, as I really disliked my experience in medical school. However, our OB rotation is great because you get so much experience in delivering babies – which is the best part! I had over 50 deliveries in my intern year alone and gained a lot of confidence with my ability to deliver babies and deal with obstetrical problems.

Any advice for prospective candidates?
Find a program where you can be yourself and where the people will help you to grow into the best physician you can be. At the end of the day, most family medicine curriculums will teach you what you absolutely need to know, but the people who you spend your days with, share your triumphs and your failures with, and become lifelong friends with, will really be what shapes your residency time.

What is the relationship between residents?
The relationship between residents is amazing here and was one of the biggest draws to the program. We have a really large program, by family medicine standards, and I see this as a huge plus because it gives you more opportunities for friendship. Within my class I have made some absolutely amazing friends who I could call any time of the day or night and I know they would be there to help me. Relationships between classes are excellent! I really can’t count the number of times I have called or texted a senior resident for help, and they are always there for you. Friendships here run deep and extend beyond hospital life and we hang out outside of work regularly. The friendships between the residents are I think our most defining feature.

What is the relationship between residents and faculty?
The faculty at this program are phenomenal. We have a program where you are paired with an attending advisor with the idea being you can go to them for advice and guidance. While this is a great program and I absolutely love my advisor, the environment here is such that you could call/text or go see any faculty at any time and they would be there for you. I have asked faculty for advice and feedback on a regular basis so much that its sort of a running joke between us. They are always in your corner and sincerely want the best for you.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Hockey, reading books, and Twitter.