Vitu Van, MD

Hometown: I was born in Saigon, Vietnam, but lived in Boston, MA, for a long time
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine
Area of interest/future practice plans: Military medicine (specifically Air Force, aerospace medicine)

Why did you choose St. Joseph’s?
This is an unopposed program – meaning we are the only medical residents in the hospital. St. Joe’s offers lots of learning opportunities and is a good place to seek challenges – building skills for inpatient medicine being one of them. Also, I like that we have a specific schedule for our rotations, but there is also flexibility and elective time where you can tailor your education to suit your interests.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Shopping, outdoor activities, and arts & crafts.

Any advices for prospective candidates?
Be proactive! Come in with a mindset of wanting to learn and always be curious about what happens. This will serve you well. Also, with a good caring heart you will do well!