Gregory Faughnan, MD

Hometown: Endicott, NY
Medical school: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Area of interest/future practice plans: Joining the St. Joseph’s FM residency faculty. Inpatient/outpatient/OB

Why did you choose St. Joseph’s?
I chose St. Joe’s after doing an AI here as a student. I was very impressed with how competent the third-year residents were. The program also has a very strong inpatient medicine curriculum which I knew I was interested in.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy golfing, trivia, video games, fishing, and hiking/camping.

What has been your favorite rotation?
My favorite rotation so far has been Orange team (2nd year inpatient medicine rotation block). It was very challenging and harder than anything else I’ve had to do in my training, but I felt like I knew how to be a doctor afterwards and can handle anything now.