Rebekah Kaufman, MD

Hometown: Lima, NY
Medical school: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Area of interest/future practice plans: Full spectrum primary care – looking to gain more experience in mental health disorders, street medicine, OB/post-partum and women’s care, and nutrition therapy

What sets St. Joseph’s apart?
The atmosphere. Residency is difficulty wherever you go; long hours (24-hour call at times), steep learning curve, and feeling overwhelmed by the medical complexity and social difficulties of your patients (especially in our underserved primary care population). There are three main things I have learned over intern year and second year: 1) the patients are always worth it all and it is fulfilling to love and work hard for them, 2) the faculty are kind and always willing to help, especially if I feel in over my head. It is relief to know that I have back-up literally anytime, and that they care too. 3) My fellow residents are the best support. I can always trust them to do their best to pick up where I leave off, and they are always encouraging me and supporting me. We are a string team caring for our patients together – I could not do this alone.

What do you enjoy most about Syracuse/Central NY?
The beautiful outdoors outside of the city – there are many hidden gems, and the summer/fall/spring are the most beautiful (I think more beautiful than anywhere!). Winter is long, but the rest of the year is worth the wait.