Stephanie DeMaso, MD

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine
Area of interest/future practice plans: Outpatient family medicine practice

What is the relationship between residents and faculty?
The faculty are all very approachable and eager to teach. As you progress in the program, the relationship between faculty and residents only grows stronger. I feel well respected and supported in this program because of the faculty.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy exploring the outdoors in upstate/central NY with my husband and spending time with my co-residents. We love hiking, swimming, rollerblading/skateboarding and supporting local businesses!

What do you enjoy most about Syracuse/Central NY?
Summertime in Syracuse is the best! There are tons of outdoor activities to do like swimming, boating and outdoor dining. I also love going to the gigantic NY State Fair at the end of each summer.