Nathaniel Kaufman, MD

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Medical school: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Area of interest/future practice plans: Full scope family practice and sports medicine

Why did you choose St. Joseph’s?
I chose St. Joseph’s, because of the broad scope of training that the program offers: from inpatient training, to obstetrics, and in the outpatient setting. The program truly affords you the opportunity to practice full scope family medicine including obstetrics and hospitalist medicine if you desire. The faculty I met during my acting internship in medical school, and those I met on my interview day, were great teachers and very kind and approachable. I am passionate about caring for underserved patient populations and our family medicine clinic is a primary place of care for many of Syracuse’s refugees and people of low social economic status. For me it was also important that my wife and I were in the same city, and she is currently a senior resident at St. Joseph’s. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy going to my local CrossFit gym, hiking in the Adirondacks, biking and exploring the many lakes around the area with my wife and friends. We also enjoy hosting potluck dinners with our friends in the area. Syracuse is a small and manageable city with diversity in culture and is close to natural attractions such as the Adirondacks and Fingers Lakes, as well as other cities including Albany, Rochester and Buffalo. 

What is the relationship between residents?
All of my coresidents have been excellent to work with. St. Joseph’s seems to attract truly empathetic team players. My experience at St. Joseph’s thus far has been a very good one.