Silvanna Esposito, MD

Hometown: Walden, NY
Medical school: Ross University School of Medicine
Area of interest/future practice plans: Outpatient family practice and women’s health

Why did you choose St. Joseph’s?
I chose St. Joe’s because of how I felt after my interview experience. Leaving the hospital, I was able to envision myself there, and it just felt comfortable. The whole program had a large, family feel to it, which was something I had been searching for. It also was great that I was couples matching, and my fiancé matched across town at Upstate.

What is the relationship between residents and faculty?
The relationship between residents, and even between residents and faculty, is very close. We all support one another both in and outside of the hospital. The faculty make you feel comfortable about asking questions, and really enjoy teaching. I’ve never felt nervous to call and ask for help from any of them.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
In my free time I enjoy baking, reading classical novels, playing computer-based mystery games, and spending time with my fiancé and our two dogs.