Richard Salvagno, DDS

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Dental School: University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine
Area of interest/future practice plans: I plan to pursue general dentistry in the upstate NY area

Why did you choose St. Joseph’s? 
The dental residency program at St. Joseph’s combined everything I was looking for in a GPR. It has the largest number of attending faculty to offer a variety of insights and mentorships across all aspects of dentistry along with networking opportunity, integrated the hospital setting to further my education, and provided me with an environment to simulate the private practice experience. What really confirmed my desire to be a part of the program was the welcoming and friendly community; every person I interacted with was genuinely kind.

Any advice for prospective candidates?
Choose a program that you feel will best help you to grow as a professional to reach your goals.

What is the relationship between residents?
My fellow residents support and encourage each other every day. I feel like I can talk to any of my co-residents about any issues or questions I may have and they serve as a major resource for me.