Daniel Zimmerman, DMD

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Dental School: Boston University
Area of future practice: General dentistry private practice in CNY

What has been your favorite rotation?
The ER was my favorite rotation so far. I was fascinated by the integration of different medical and dental disciplines to provide care to our community’s emergent needs.

Any advice for prospective candidates?
Despite the hurdles you will face this year, enjoy your last year of dental (or medical) school. Be adaptable and learn as much as you can on rotation as well as in the clinic. As far as the interview cycle goes, be yourself. The manner in which you carry yourself and interact with others will take you much farther than a grade in some course.

What do you enjoy most about Syracuse/Central NY?
We have four distinct seasons, a booming downtown scene, amazing food, top notch college sports, and a great sense of community.